About the Developer

Jay Jennings has been programming since 1984 when he bought an Apple IIc computer and snuck it into the studio at KYAK radio. During his overnight shift Jay taught himself to program — 3 minutes at a time while songs were playing.

After switching careers from radio to computers, Jay spent a few years working on Apple II games, transitioned to multimedia and web programming, and ended up working for telecommunications companies in the Seattle area.

A couple years ago while traveling the southwest with his family, Jay decided to start working on mobile apps, both games and for business.

Now living in south-central Alaska, Jay and his family enjoy throwing things at each other (they’re all jugglers).

About the App

Jay’s brother-in-law, one of the top salesmen for an international textile service and supply, asked him once if there was an app that would show him all the new business licenses that were issued.

Jay said, “Of course, because there’s an app for everything.”

But then he started looking and realized there’s an app for everything — except that!

So he decided to write one.

Technical Stuff

The app consists of two pieces — a server-side component that downloads the data from the State of Alaska each day and inserts it into a database, and the iOS app that grabs new data from the AK Leads server and displays it to the user. The back-end is written using PHP and uses mySQL as the database, the app is written using Corona SDK and uses the SQLite database.


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