Q. How is this better than the Business License search on the Alaska gov web site?

A. If you’re looking for a specific business that already exists the Alaska gov site is probably fine for you. What AK Leads gives you is the business licenses that were issued yesterday (up to three days back). You can’t search by date on the Alaska gov site.

Q. Isn’t the business license data for Alaska available for free? What are you charging for?

A. Yes it’s free, and what we’re charging for is convenience. If someone is issued a business license this evening you’ll know about it tomorrow morning. With two clicks in the app. Otherwise you can download the 25MB+ file from the state server and parse the information yourself. At the price we’re charging we think you’ll get a better bang for the buck with AK Leads. You have better things to do with your time than dink with data files every day.

Q. Can I use AK Leads on my Android or BlackBerry phone?

A. We’ll be launching an Android app this fall that should have the same features as the iOS app. Probably won’t be doing a BlackBerry app, but there is web access that’s designed for mobile devices — so as long as you have internet access on your device you should be able to get to the data.

Q. Is the current app for the iPad or iPhone?

A. It’s a “universal app” that works on both devices (and even the iPod touch). There is not an iPad-specific app, although we’re looking into whether that’s needed.


Your AK Leads subscription is good for a full month, with new business leads available on the site and in the app by 5AM Alaska time each day.

With your username and password you can log in to the web site to access the data as well as use the free iOS app.

Subscribe to AK Leads – $29 Per Month

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PS –¬†Subscriptions are handled through PayPal so you can cancel at any time.

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