AK Leads is an app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that shows you a list of the business licenses that were issued in Alaska yesterday. (There’s also a web version of the service available.)

You get the entire info for each license, including the mailing and physical address. You want fresh, new leads? They don’t get any fresher than this! Business licenses issued yesterday are in your hand by 5AM this morning.

See a new business you want to visit? Hit the Map button and see exactly where they’re located.

See a new business you want to get back to later? Hit the Save button and that record is saved in a separate list for you to deal with later. Or, hit the Mail button and send that business license info to your inbox (or the inbox of a colleague).

Fast, Simple, Cheap. Pick any three.

AK Leads isn’t going to try and compete with full-blown contact systems, appointment calendars, and so on. This app simply delivers new business leads into the palm of your hand, every day.

For just $29 per month. Use the service as long as you like, cancel at any time.

Your AK Leads subscription is good for a full month, with new business leads available on the site and in the app by 5AM Alaska time each day.

With your username and password you can log in to the web site to access the data as well as use the free iOS app.

Subscribe to AK Leads – $29 Per Month


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