Quick Start Guide for the iOS App

The AK Leads app is very easy to use — in fact, this Quick Start Guide is probably all you’ll need.

1. Tap Settings at the bottom of the main screen.

2. At the Settings screen, enter your AKLeads username and password and tap the Save button at the top. (If you don’t enter a valid username and password you’ll be limited to five records per day.)

3. Switch back to the Recents screen and then tap the Refresh button at the upper-right.

4. Select Three Days Back.

You’ll end up with a list of Alaska-issued Business Licenses from the last three days (both renewals and newly issued).

Every day by 5AM (Alaska time, of course) the new records will be available. Just tap Refresh, choose One Day Back, and you’ll have a list of licenses from yesterday. (Between midnight and 5AM AK time One Day Back will not return any records — use Two Days Back if you’re that kind of night-owl.)

For any problems or other questions, use the contact form on this site.

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